Custom Projects – Mobitech Managed IT Services

Many small and medium businesses have fewer opportunities to expand due to limited resources. For this reason, it takesyears before they consider newer projects. These also include projects like improving the infrastructure.

Among a company’s many assets, the IT infrastructure; both hardware and software, are quite important. Without effective IT systems installed, it can be quite difficult to manage a profitable business.

Many small businesses may be able to have sufficient IT systems but they lack in-houseprofessionals who can manage them 24/7. Such professionals need time and energy to be recruited and not to mention, a significant amount of money.

The solution is managed IT services. At Mobitech, we have a team of IT professionals who not only solve multiple IT issues remotely for varying businesses but can manage customized projects as well. Therefore, if you have a specific IT project planned but not an expert to take care of it, you can outsource the service to Mobitech.

Here is how we can help:

Installing New Servers

If you are planning to improve your IT systems like desktops and servers, we have just the right experts to manage such a project. These experts will guide you to find what is best suitable for the needs and demands of your specific business and how you can install the if sratstrycture effectively.

Upgrading the IT System

Upgrading existing systems can have multiple effects. You can eliminate many problems that require frequent troubleshooting along with unlocking more features. With the help of Mobitech professionals, you can succesfully update the infrastructure without having to invest excessive cost and time. The IT experts will test and evaluate the upgraded systems to ensure that operations will work out smoothly.

Transferring Data

Data is at the heart of any organization. No business can afford to lose it or suffer a discrepancy. When changing or upgrading IT systems, it is necessary to protect the data and then carefully transfer it to the newer database. With the help of the IT experts at Mobitech, you can securely back up the data during the change of networks or serversand transfer it without glitch as well.

The Mobitech Advantage

If you want a strategic IT partner to grow your business, Mobitech is your solution:

  • Get acesss to higjly skilled IT individuals
  • Enjoy market copeteibve rates along with cost-effective services
  • Save money on your overall budget