Mobitech – About Us

Mobitech has been in the IT industry for over 15 years. What started as a small repair company has now grown into a managed services provider. We help businesses grow without adding extra financial burden. In fact, we dedicate our efforts to help you cut IT budget costs while adding more value to the overall organizational functions and operations.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a comprehensive set of IT managed services for varying businesses. Our services are available on a needs basis but our company has the potential to become an organization’s IT strategic partner.

Our Vision

We envision to help both small and medium businesses to grow despite limited resources. Our managed serviceshave been designed to add value to daily business activities while cutting the IT budget costs considerably. We plan to become one of leading IT managed services provider.

Our Values

Without the following set of values, we would have never been able to become what we are today. It is these values that set us apart from others in the industry and ensure our clients of exceptions services. Each and every member of the Mobitech team is obligated to adhere to the set value in order to maintain the consistency of quality and positive feedback from the clients.


Part of saving money on your IT budget is to resolve issues proactively and avoid frequent occurrences. The IT experts at Mobitech monitor the networks to eliminate problems before they can cause complex IT issues. We also go to the root of the problem to stop it from occurring again. This way you can enjoy an IT system with less frequent glitches and save on your budget.

For a streamlined IT infrastructure at your business organization and reducing the overall costs, hire Mobitech managed service today. We have a set of IT services that cover from simple to intricate IT elements to optimize your organizational efficiency.